HSCT Stem Cell Transplant for M.S.

Marc Coppins - Chicago

Benefits of Stem Cell Transplant...so far for Marc

Since Marc's Stem Cell Transplant on 5/17/11, he has seen tremendous improvement in his RRMS* symptoms. Here's a list of just a few:

1. He lost double vision that he had for 12 years!
2. He can drive again so has gained much of his independence back!
3. He has not used a cane at ALL since leaving the hospital.
4. He used to be numb from the knees down thru feet in both legs and now is gaining quite a bit of feeling back in them!
5. Used to have constant pins & needles in his back, like barbed wire being tightened around him, and that has been all but eliminated.
6. He hasn’t had hay fever (an unexpected side effect).
7. Driving to the M.S. Support Group on 09/26/11, Marc said, "I almost feel whole again...I don't have ANY numbness!"

8. Just recently, in April 2013, Marc's brain fog, which is a typical symptom of MS, has started to lift. It is only intermittent at this point, but at times he feels like he has much more clarity than before!

9. And the good news keeps on coming! In May 2013, we will return to Chicago for his 2 year follow up with Dr. Burt where he'll undergo the same extensive testing again to determine if he has improved on each function. Then, we will meet with the "blind" neurologist, Dr. Balabanov, who will evaluate his EDSS score. Last, we'll meet with Dr. Burt who will interpret all the results and he WILL tell us that Marc's MS still has not progressed...and hopefully he'll tell us that he has improved even further in some areas.

Please help us spread the word that there IS hope & help out there for people who have RRMS* as well as many other auto-immune diseases!

*RRMS - Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis.

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