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The order of this blog is from the bottom up, which means that the latest post is at the top, the oldest post (that I have) is at the bottom.

Is this doing anyone any good?

I have often wondered if anyone even read my blog about me having HSCT or not... I imagined that years from now, maybe it may have benefitted someone or not.


It's difficult to tell from just what I have right now, whether it is even worth it or not to keep up on this blog. It has very infrequent posts, and let's be honest, it's hard to talk about for me to just talk about myself.


Recently, someone on Facebook said to my wife Barb "I read Marc's blog recently but noticed last post was a while ago - how is he doing?" So with that said I was encouraged to update this more frequently.

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Still just Working Away!!!

Well, the past three days have been nothing but work, although I did drink a beer yesterday... but honestly, other than some work stuff going on, and Barb getting ready to go to Mexico to be a caregiver for someone that is going to have HSCT there, not much else is really going on!


I'm still dizzy as ever, so I think it's pretty safe to say that the surgery didn't work...

I guess time will tell

At home, by myself, workin' away!

I'm pretty dizzy today, but I'm still pushing through and working on websites...

I got no time for feeling bad!

If something changes, I'm sure you will hear about it here!

Images as I said I would post...

Computer Glasses Reading Glasses I know I said I would post images soon... life is moving pretty fast... faster than I can keep up with....
Anyway, I got new glasses:

I also got my MS MonSter Tattoo touched up MS MonSter Tattoo Wedding Ring Tattoo













And, because my Wedding Ring keeps falling off (losing weight, then gaining it back etc) and I can't seem to get that right, I got a tattoo of a wedding ring so that it never comes off!

Well... that didn't take long!

Ok, I said that I was going to try to update this blog at least once per week.... so far that hasn't happened...

I'll try harder from here out.


Update, my eyes are not what they used to be.... basically I have needed new glasses for a while now... I went in last week to have my eyes checked, I'm getting two new pairs of glasses (the tri-focals are not helping when sitting at the computer... I needed them to be a bit stronger) The good news is, about a half hour ago (as of this posting) they are ready to go... both glasses for when I'm at my computer, and reading glasses.


I decided to get two pairs as my neck was very sore from sitting at the computer, and with the trifocals, I had to have my head at just the correct angle to be able to see the monitor. Hopefully this is going to help that!


I'll post a picture of each pair later after I pick them up... until then...

Things aren't going as planned

My goal was to update this a lot more often, unfortunately, God had other plans. I've been doing one of two things since my last update, I've either been working on website stuff, or I've been in bed being dizzy (or possibly sleeping if I wasn't dizzy HA!)


Today isn't any different, but I have made a choice to take some time to blog a little... at least once per week.


If there are questions about anything Multiple Sclerosis related, please feel free to email me - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

It's been a long time...

Ok, I know it's been a while, but I've been really busy... Let me catch you up:

  1. We have moved to a new house. It's the house that Barb grew up in. It is also a house that her Dad helped build. Originally the house was on 72 acres. Neither of us are farmers, so honestly, we don't need that much land, so we bought the house and 5.3 acres around the house. Selling the old house turned into kind of a nightmare, but that wasn't anyone's fault, the housing market just tanked a few years before we decided to sell the house.

    We did end up selling the house after it was on the market for a year or so.
  2. I still have balance issues, but that's all I have left. It seems like I'm fatigued a lot, but I have a feeling that's because I have to work so hard to keep my balance, so I tire out easily.
  3. I had surgery on December 9, 2015 for Meniere's Syndrome. Basically it's just fluid in the inner ear (in my left inner ear). they had to cut away some bone around my inner ear to be sure that it wasn't what was causing the fluid retention. All I have to say about that is that it hurt, but not too bad, for about a week after the surgery.
    Here is some more information on the surgery that I had done... don't worry, no images, just a recording of what steps can be taken... About Meniere's Syndrome

Ok, that's all I have to talk about for now, but I do plan on updating this as often as possible, so more updates will be happening soon!

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