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Things are still going well

Actually things have been going great as far as my Multiple Sclerosis goes. We put our house up for sale Friday March 23, 2014. We're going to move to Barb's parents old house. It's been sitting empty since late 2005. The funny thing about this is (here's where I tie in moving to the stem cell transplant) I would have never considered doing this before because the house has no air conditioning, and no real good way of putting central air in (it's not forced air gas heat), but since HSCT in 2011, it's ok since I do a lot better when it's warmer outside.


There's going to be a lot to do once we get out there, but it will all be worth it. The one thing that makes it worth it (to me) was the look on Barb's face when I asked her if she still wanted to move there. She had all but given up on moving there since I didn't do very well in the heat.

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