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It's been a long time...

Ok, I know it's been a while, but I've been really busy... Let me catch you up:

  1. We have moved to a new house. It's the house that Barb grew up in. It is also a house that her Dad helped build. Originally the house was on 72 acres. Neither of us are farmers, so honestly, we don't need that much land, so we bought the house and 5.3 acres around the house. Selling the old house turned into kind of a nightmare, but that wasn't anyone's fault, the housing market just tanked a few years before we decided to sell the house.

    We did end up selling the house after it was on the market for a year or so.
  2. I still have balance issues, but that's all I have left. It seems like I'm fatigued a lot, but I have a feeling that's because I have to work so hard to keep my balance, so I tire out easily.
  3. I had surgery on December 9, 2015 for Meniere's Syndrome. Basically it's just fluid in the inner ear (in my left inner ear). they had to cut away some bone around my inner ear to be sure that it wasn't what was causing the fluid retention. All I have to say about that is that it hurt, but not too bad, for about a week after the surgery.
    Here is some more information on the surgery that I had done... don't worry, no images, just a recording of what steps can be taken... About Meniere's Syndrome

Ok, that's all I have to talk about for now, but I do plan on updating this as often as possible, so more updates will be happening soon!

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