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Ok, my other blog was taking up too many resources and I, honestly, don't understand WordPress (which is what my blog was before) so... I have decided to try again.

I may or may not get the other posts back. I will also be looking for a way to make things so that if you are registered on this site, you will be able to leave a comment.


For now, that's not the case, but I will be working on it as soon as possible. In the mean time, I will be using YouTube a lot more, and if you go by my vlog there, you can leave comments. I will eventually get those videos posted on this website too. For now, if you want to "talk" with me online, you can go to and I'll see you there!


If you want to read my blog, you will have to register (just your name and email address), and you may get an email about once per week to let you know that I have posted something new on the blog.


If you don't register, you won't see the menu link to read my blog, but once you register and sign in using the form on the left (user name and password) you will see a new menu item at the top to get to my blog.




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